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What people say

‘We are so lucky to have found Time Out for our 8 year old son. It is hands down the most constructive, independent, fun thing he does; it gives us time with his sister doing slightly more grown up things and it gives him the chance to spend time with his friends outside school. It being the only extracurricular activity he does, we are happy to keep supporting Time Out’ (Parent of junior group member – September 2018)

‘Our son has very complex needs and is outwardly very sociable, wanting to engage in social activity but finds all social circumstances extremely difficult. The Time Out Group has not only allowed him to engage in activities that he truly loves to do with his peer group, but also enables him to do this with staff he knows, trusts and very much wants to be with.This unique environment reduces his anxiety which enables him to engage in many activities that he would otherwise be unable to access. There is no other facility available to him that does this in the same way.’
(Parent of group member)

'Our son has really enjoyed all the activities with Time Out, particularly going out and about in the community.  This group has been wonderful for all of us as a family as we have had time to spend with each other while our son has had a great time with his peers.’
(Parent of senior group member)

‘Time out is an incredible group that gives our 8 year old chance to access  a superb mix of activities with excellent staff members once a fortnight. The 3 hours allow us chance to spend precious time with our other son giving him our full attention, which isn’t possible when his brother is home. The sessions are priceless to us all. Thank you Time Out x’

(Parent of junior group member)

‘We as a family enjoy Time Out as it gives my husband and I chance to relax as a couple but also to see our son getting the support he needs but also having a lovely time with other children.’
(Parent of group member)

‘The Time Out Group enables me to have a few hours of ‘weekend normality’!’ (Parent of group member)

‘Time Out allows these young people to access a happy, fun social life, whilst providing parents and families some respite. I am so excited to be working with the young people in a more informal setting and I am enjoying seeing the pleasure they get from this fantastic service.’
(Committee Member)

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