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Charlie Careless- Group Leader

Hi, I’m Charlie. I started working at Time Out at the beginning of March 2017. The group is so friendly and the young people are great! I’m a Community Learning Disability Nurse based in Leamington. I also work part time at ILEAP charity and with a family offering day care support. In my spare time I love walking my dog, Buster, and spending time with my family.


Laura Leeson

I started working for Time Out in October 2016 after moving to the area. I previously worked as a room leader and assistant SENCo in a nursery; working with children and families with their child’s learning development, as well as supporting with behavioural and medical needs. I currently work in Early Years. I enjoy working at Time Out as there is a relaxed and homelike atmosphere for both the children and staff and everyone is very supportive.


Harry Rousell

Hi, I’m Harry. I started working for Time Out in July 2019. The group is really caring and the young people make every session enjoyable. This is my first job working with people with disabilities, however I have previous experience from looking after my sister, Lottie. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football and playing with my new puppy, Lulu.

Chloe Palmer

I started at Time Out in Agust 2020 and have really enjoyed getting to know the staff and young people who attend. The group has such a relaxed and positive atmosphere and it is incredibly rewarding to support each young person access social activities within their local community.  I also work as a TA at Welcombe Hills School within a complex needs class. In my spare time, I enjoy looking after my horses and spending time with my cats; Sox, mouse and Pumpkin.


Vickie Medcalf

Hi I’m Vickie. I started at Timeout in June 2021. I heard about Timeout through the special needs school I work at. I heard of the exciting activities the  group got up to and wanted to be part of it.

It is a fantastic  group to be involved with. The staff and children have made me feel so welcome and I look forward to our next adventure together.



Mike May 

I started with Time Out in January 2016. My previous  experience includes caring for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities at summer camps in the US. I also worked as a home care assistant in Cornwall. I have moved to the Midlands to train as a doctor. My goal is to be a child and adolescent psychiatrist. In my spare time I like to run, watch films and play with my cat, Bojangles!


Niamh O’Sullivan

Hi I’m Niamh, I started working for Time Out in May of 2018. The group is really welcoming and the young people make every session a special place to be. I also work part time at ILEAP charity and I have just qualified as a Paediatric Nurse.


Siobhan O’Sullivan

I started working with people with learning disabilities and complex needs in 2009 as a volunteer for a local charity before becoming a permenant staff member. It soon became my full time passion and career! After leaving university I started working for Heart of England Mencap in a domicilary care setting for adults with learning disabilities as well as ILEAP.  In July 2016 I joined Time Out; I love the incredibly welcoming atmosphere created at sessions and the fantastic energy the children we support have. I used to work as a TA in a local special needs primary school but now I am training to become a paramedic.


Mary Cooper

I have worked for the group since moving from Portsmouth in 2006 where I worked as a teaching assistant in a special needs school. In addition to my work at Time Out I provide respite to families who have children with disabilities and work full time as a Speech and Language Therapy Technical Instructor and a National Autistic Society EarlyBird trainer. I have previously worked at other groups for young people with disabilities, but I feel that the Time Out group is very unique and special. 


Jackie Sabatowski

I have been part of the Time Out Team since 2009. I started supporting the young people at Calvert Trust as a volunteer, working my way up to being a full time member of the team in 2014. I have also worked at Welcombe Hills School. The Time Out Group gives me the opportunity to work with the youngsters in a less formal and more social atmosphere than school. I believe this enables me and the whole group to enhance the young people’s social life and independence, therefore growing into adults who are a credit to themselves.


Anna Phillips

Hi, I’m Anna. I started working for Time out Group in April 2019. I have enjoyed getting to know all of the staff and young people and have a lot of fun at all of the sessions! I have recently graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Psychology and also work part time for ILEAP. I love going on holidays to the seaside and in my spare time watching thrillers/any good series! 

Izzy Yeoman 

Hi, I’m Izzy, I started working for the Timeout Group in September 2020 and really enjoy it. It’s fulfilling helping the kids to have fun and socialise.

I have only recently started to work closely supporting young individuals with learning and physical disabilities  and I find the role very rewarding. I’m hoping to go on to study counselling and become a qualified counsellor.

In my spare time I enjoy running and spending time with my two cats, Mini and Jess.


The charity is run by a dedicated committee who work closely with the staff to ensure the successful running of the group. They are:

Jo bradley (chair)

Boo Lewis (vice chair)

Nick keegan (treasurer)

alison gilbert (secretary)

Additional Committee Members:

ian roberts 

sally keegan

jane may