The Time Out Group

The Time Out Group is a registered charity based in South Warwickshire whose aim is to provide specialist support to children with complex disabilities and their families, helping them to access typical family opportunities. 

The Time Out Group meets on a Saturday to access community leisure activities with the support of skilled workers. 

Typically children who access the group:

  • are aged between 4 and 18 years 

  • have complex behavioural and / or communication needs 

  • have families in need of respite support 

  • struggle to access other local groups 

  • need support with social interactions

The Group is split into two peer groups to help us to organise age appropriate activities. It is a testament to the group that most of the children who join stay with us until they reach adulthood. Unfortunately, as a result places in the group are extremely limited. 

Covid 19 Update

We have been keeping a close eye on the advice being given by the government and alongside other local groups we have made the difficult decision to close Time Out Group with immediate effect. This will be for an undetermined period of time and will remain under review in line with government advice.

We appreciate that this will not be welcome news to most and hope that all remain safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Please do get in touch if there is anything we may be able to help with during this difficult time. 

We would like to let our supporters know that we greatly appreciate their continued support as we continue to pay our fantastic permanent staff, and that we remain keen to reopen the service in due course, as soon as the present crisis is over and it is considered safe to continue. 

Your support is hugely valued. 

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